13 Nostalgic Memories Of Growing Up In Bombay

If you've spent your childhood in Bombay, you will definitely relate to these memories.

Miss Wanderlust grew up in Mumbai (erm, Bombay) and being a sucker for all things nostalgic, decided to compile this list. If you’ve spent your childhood in Bombay, you will definitely relate to these memories. Bring on the nostalgia, we say!

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1. Riding the escalators at The World Trade Centre

Imagine this: There is a building. And the building looks like a ship! The World Trade Centre Building at Cuffe Parade was a favourite destination for little kids. This was also one of the first public buildings in the city to have escalators– so it was common to see kids gleefully riding up and down escalators for hours!

Image Source: Urban Baby & Toddler blog


2. Feeding the pigeons 

Every self respecting city child has grown up feeding the pigeons at one or more of the city’s ‘kabootar khanas.’ (Of course, the actual joy came from running into a flock of pigeons and watching them fly away in a hurry!)

Image Source: The Hindu

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3. Climbing to the top of the Old Woman’s Shoe at Hanging Gardens

This is definitely one of my favourite childhood memories. I have some lovely memories of frequenting this spot with my father.


4. Riding Bicycles at the Traffic Park, Colaba

Who remembers riding their bicycles through the Traffic Park at Colaba, stopping at traffic lights and furiously peddling over speed breakers?

Image Source: The Hindu

5. Weekend trips to Lonavla

Lonavla (climbing up the Old Ghats, before the Expressway was built) Or Matheran, Mahableshwar, Alibaug…as the case may be!

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6. Swimming at the Club

Spending entire summers at The Club (Willingdon, WIAA, CCI, Bombay Gym etc) – long swims followed by a plate of French fries.  I also remember spending one summer in particular learning how to rollerblade!

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Swimming - Miss Wanderlust


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7. Collecting Tazos

Remember people buying countless packets of Lays only for the Tazos inside! Also remember all the other fads – Pokemon cards, Smiley Erasers, fuzzy stickers and what not.

Image Source: Cyber Grammar


8. When McDonald’s First Came to Bombay…and the rage it was!

Who can forget the time when McDonald’s opened its doors at Linking Road, Bandra. Massive queues were braved as kids and adults alike flocked to get a hot aloo tikki burger and a seven rupee softie cone.

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Miss Wanderlust Image Source: Burrp

9. Long Evenings At Pool Parlours

The slightly shady, dimly lit pool parlours (with rather ‘interesting’ names like Passionate, Snook and Pool, Connection 2000, Pool Paradise) would suck in an entire generation of boys (and girls) every evening…

Image Courtesy: CBS Local

10. India’s First Mall – Crossroads

India’s first shopping mall, Crossroads, opened up at Tardeo, Mumbai. Those were exciting days! Most of us just flocked there to take a look around – Can anyone remember actually buying anything from there? (I can’t)


Image Source: AluPlex India

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11. Going Bowling at ‘COs’

The first glimpse of Phoenix Mills was Bowling Company (better known as “COs”) – Bowling interspaced with the odd, frantic game of air hockey!


12. The Coffee Cafe Culture

A Café Coffee Day or Barista formed the centre of your social life at some point (for me, it was the Breach Candy Barista!). And then there was Cafe Mocha, the game changer in the business (it’s arguable which was the bigger draw, the hookah or the Chocolate Avalanche dessert).

Image Source: The City Guide

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13. Clubbing at Poly’s

And before we knew it, everyone grew up (or pretended to grow up). Starting with Fire & Ice and then Poly Esther, Ra, Enigma, Red Lite, Velocity, Poison – clubs were springing up all over the city, and “guest list” was the word on everyone’s lips!

Image Source: Bridge Clubbers

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