6 Less Explored Countries To Visit In Asia

The moment people think of traveling in Asia, the same few destinations seem to come up every time. Is that really all Asia has to offer? Well, no! Miss Wanderlust...
Mangolia - Miss Wanderlust

The moment people think of traveling in Asia, the same few destinations seem to come up every time.

Is that really all Asia has to offer? Well, no!

Miss Wanderlust recommends 5 absolutely stunning and less explored destinations in Asia. You will be packing your bags by the end of the post – don’t say we didn’t warn you!


1. Visit mystical Myanmar (Burma)

The beautiful country of Myanmar has only just opened up – and yes, you should visit it now before it becomes like the rest of the world! Mystical, unexplored and completely off the beaten path, this is one unforgettable destination.

Myanmar - Miss Wanderlust

 Source: travelmaniacs.ro

Myanmar - Miss Wanderlust

 Source: backroads.com

Myanmar - Miss Wanderlust

 Source: georgetownsecuritystudiesreview.org

Myanmar - Miss Wanderlust

Source: nancyandshawnpower.com

2. Head to beautiful Brunei

The quiet, peaceful country of Brunei is almost often overshadowed its more popular neighbors, Singapore and Malaysia (unless you happen to work in the petroleum industry). However, this peaceful sultanate promises an unusual experience for the keen traveler.

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Brunei - Miss Wanderlust

Source: aseantravelnews.com

Brunei - Miss Wanderlust

Source: borneoadventure.com

3. Bahrain, with its stunning skyline

Bahrain - Miss Wanderlust

Source: www.tradeandexportme.com

Bahrain - Miss Wanderlust



Source: leaders-e.com

4. Mongolia, what a stunning country!

My Nani visited Mongolia almost 60 years ago, and still raves about the beautiful, unforgettable  landscapes of the country. If the pictures below are anything to go by, it’s one of the most spectacular places we’ve ever seen.

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Mangolia - Miss Wanderlust

Source: gobieducation.org

Mangolia - Miss Wanderlust


Mangolia - Miss WanderlustMangolia - Miss Wanderlust


5. The land of Laos

The country of Laos is serene, secluded and usually overlooked by travelers. Good reasons to visit, we think!

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Laos - Miss Wanderlust


Laos - Miss Wanderlust


Laos - Miss Wanderlust


6. BONUS: Lebanon

The average person cannot plot Lebanon on a map. How’s that for offbeat!

Lebanon - Miss Wanderlust


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