8 Spectacular Places We’d Rather Be At This Monday

It's always hard to be back at your desk on a Monday morning, especially if the weekend has been loaded with wanderings and wanderlust. Here's 8 places we'd much...

It’s always hard to be back at your desk on a Monday morning, especially if the weekend has been loaded with wanderings and wanderlust. Here’s 8 places we’d much rather start the week at – so grab some coffee and look on for a severe dose of Monday Wanderlust!

1. Exploring the beautiful Himalayas in Nepal

When Ayush Bhartia shared this gorgeous landscape of the Himalayas with us from Nepal, we were pretty much ready to pack our bags and get on that plane immediately! Read: 10 Things Ladakh Teaches Every Traveller

2. Watching the sun rise against the Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Perhaps the most magical sunrise in the world, as Sanyukta Desai found! Visiting Angkor Wat at sunrise has been a rite of passage for travellers through Cambodia – and we can see exactly why.

3. The pristine Varkala Beach, Kerala

Our favourite wanderlusting duo, Devika Ray and Charlie Greenlee, will always have an adventure to share and an inspiring travel tale to egg you on. Here, they explore the beautiful and pristine Varkala Beach in Kerala.

4. The Swiss Countryside

There’s something about Switzerland! Manasie Tiwari Vaid brings us glimpses from the picture perfect Swiss countryside while on a train from Jungfrau mountain to Interlaken as she goes along her travels around the world! Read: A Trip To Germany’s Delicious Black Forest Region

5. Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

We’ve had our eyes set on Turkey for a while – and this perfect postcard from Ankit Kalkar only sealed the deal

6. The rolling hills of Munnar, India

Beautiful Munnar, which its spectacular views and sweeping landscapes, is truly paradise on earth! Falguni Vasavada-Oza, who captured this scene during her travels, could not agree more. Read: The Great Indian Buck List: 9 Must-Have Experiences

7. Explore vibrant Agumbe, Karnataka like a nomad

Calling all you nomads – the lush forests of Agumbe, Karnataka await! Shout out to the folks at Nirvana Nomads for an adventure like never before.

Displaying 10 Agumbe.jpg

Displaying Agumbe.jpg

8. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Oh, Italy! Is there a more beautiful sight to start the week with? Saurav Arya, we envy you!

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