Reflections from a Fortnight in Oslo

Life in Norway is awesome :-)

Reflections from a Fortnight in Oslo

A fortnight ago, I flew on a one-way ticket from Mumbai to Oslo – goosebumps! Given how exciting and unique the next two years here are going to be, it will be a crazy experience in every sense. As I buckled up in my seat and my massive plane powered down the runway, I couldn’t help reflect on how this plane journey was only the beginning of an exciting life journey. Thanks to Emirates, was able to get decently cheap tickets and a ridiculously fast connection. Joy!

The first fortnight in Oslo has been as exciting as I imagined. For starters, here is the view from our beautiful home (check out the picture below). Life in Norway involves a completely different set of skills when compared to life in Mumbai. Everything is hands-on and practical. Plus, the Norwegians love the outdoors (read: biking, hiking, running) and why not, given that they have such a beautiful country to do outdoorsy stuff in.

Here’s some of the new and interesting things we’ve done this fortnight:

1. Waking up to a view like this, every day. No kidding.

Off-road biking: We biked 20 kilometers through faraway fields, lush countryside, rolling farms and dense forests. We had a spectacular view of a lake and returned home exhilarated but exhausted! This was especially exciting for me because a) I underestimated my cycling ability b) Not the way I’d ever have even thought of spending a Sunday morning in Mumbai.

Learning how to fix meals: Admittedly, my cooking skills are currently non-existent (and that’s a luxury life has given me, till now) so it’s been a steep learning curve fixing meals for ourselves, especially given our desire to be ‘reasonably’ healthy. Kunal has perfected the art of making fresh fruit smoothies every morning (delicious). There’s a picture of me rolling rumali roti under the watchful eye of Chef Annu, which I can’t seem to find now!

Baking 101: Watched this beautiful cake being baked from scratch, licked the batter off the bowl and polished off so much delicious cake that I got a tummy ache.

Meeting a whole lot of awesome new people from all over the world ? The perks of being an international student.

Morning runs with views like this (Admittedly, I’ve only been for a run a handful of times)

Exciting experiences in Oslo including exploring a WW2 Bunker (which is located beneath a school!), eating at a cute little foccaceria, admiring views of Oslo from the top of a skyscraper and wolfing down the yummiest waffles in Oslo.

Roadtrip to Fredrikstad: The old town of Fredrikstad (known as Gamlebyen), with its unique settlement within the well-preserved fortress dating back to the 1660s, is perhaps the best preserved fortress city in northern Europe. Had a lovely time walking through its charming lanes admiring the quaint architecture and lovely riverside. We ate a lovely lunch at a darling pizzeria!

Glorious sunsets like this, every single day. Given my obsession with sunsets, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!

Gardening: Last Sunday, we had a marathon six hour run in gardening around the house. What a feeling of accomplishment when it was all finished!

As you can tell, it’s been new, exciting and busy time here. Signing out until next time, cheers!

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