Colour Me Neon!

Bright, bold and beautiful—fabulous neons are making waves.

Bright, bold and beautiful—Neons are making waves. From the hot pink to fluorescent yellow, electric blue and shocking lime green, neons are making their presence felt—and how!

Yes, the fashion carousel brings back the classic neon trend of the 1980s, albeit with a contemporary face and feel. A number of fashionistas have been spotted flaunting their brightest best. Whether it is a handbag, a pair of heels, a simple top or your lipstick, fabulous neon will make all these come alive.

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Interestingly, the idea of eye-popping colours is closely interwoven with traditional Indian dressing. Our heritage is infused with bright colours—take a look at Rajasthani men with their turban or Punjabi women with their phulkari dupattas.

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Make a statement

If you love making a statement, go the neon way. It will guarantee that you stand out from the crowd, looking fashionably flamboyant and vibrant. With neon, there’s not a dull moment around – wear it with confident and carry it with ease!

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Neon is a series of playful pop colours. It does the dual job of adding a light and bright look at the same time. Often, a splash of neon and a bold black tank or shorts are all you need for a timeless result! Pairing up with neon works on western as well as traditional wear. Accessorizing these pop colours on your outfits is a fun, dramatic way of bringing up the monochromes on your outfits.

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Wear it right

Fashionably speaking, neon is a double-edged sword. Done right, it can make a fabulous statement—but if worn wrongly, can be a real eyesore. If you are a conservative dresser, pick accessories to add a pop to a monochrome outfit. Those who are willing to experiment they can go all out with an interesting mix of neons. Neon greens with pinks, a bright orange with an electric blue are some of my personal favourites. You can also try your hand at neon makeup—neon eyelids, fuchsia lips and the like.

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Similar rules of thumb hold good for flaunting neon jewelry. Wear it with great care as it should not shout loud. One should team up with pastel colors, or contrasting colors to give the best striking effect. Interplay of colors also plays a major role.

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