Date a Girl Who Travels

Because a girl who travels will always have stories.

Date a Girl Who Travels.

Miss Wanderlust says: The girl who read the atlas instead of bedtime stories as a child. The girl who knows the capital of Burkina Faso, correct spelling included. Who fantasizes about faraway lands and how she’s going to get there. Who spends all her money on flight tickets.

The girl in the window seat, nose buried deep in her Lonely Planet. The girl who throws out clothes from her closet so there’s more place for her travel souvenirs. The girl who’s always somewhere else, even if only in her head.

A girl who travels will have stories. She’ll drag you down the Road Less Traveled – and have you send a postcard while you’re there.

She’ll have you scaling a live volcano in the Philippines today, camping out in the Amazonian forests tomorrow. She’ll show you that there’s a certain joy in getting lost. That good old adventure is never overrated. That the best plans are unplanned. That something exciting lies around every corner. That it’s okay to miss the last train home.

And that travelling does make you a better person.

Date a girl who travels

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A journalist, intrepid traveler and occasional doodler, I love wandering off the beaten path. Is it any wonder then that my favourite place in the world is the window seat of an airplane?


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