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The Buddh International F1 Circuit at Noida is one of the most special places in the world for Miss Wanderlust. Yes, I am massive fan of Formula One (I...
Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss Wanderlust

The Buddh International F1 Circuit at Noida is one of the most special places in the world for Miss Wanderlust.

Yes, I am massive fan of Formula One (I spent my birthday celebrating to the deafening sounds of David Coulthard’s donuts in beautiful Hyderabad) and even better, the Indian Grand Prix I attended in 2013 was the most special weekend of my life. After all, that is when I met my husband-to-be!

Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss WanderlustThat’s us, posing on the track

So when Honda invited me over to the circuit last weekend, I was thrilled to bits. The occasion: The launch of the all-new Honda Jazz. Even better, I would get to drive the all-new Jazz around the circuit, even before the official launch. Talk about awesome!

We arrived in Delhi, terribly excited despite having hardly slept the previous night. And off to the Buddh Circuit we went!

Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss WanderlustEn route Delhi – the start of the journey

The very sight of the magnificent circuit was enough to get me deliriously excited – what a marvelous track this is. Thousands of empty grand stand seats, coloured in the tricolour left only one thought in my mind: I sure hope to see the Indian Grand Prix return one day, some day.

Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss WanderlustView of the marvelous track from the Paddock Club area


Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss WanderlustThe Race Control room, where we had a briefing before our drive


After what felt like an endless wait (and a briefing at THE Race Control Room, check out the picture above) it was time for us to hit the track. Laughing in glee, we rolled down the pit lane and onto the track in our bright orange Jazz! being driven around the Buddh International Circuit was a treat for sure, and the Jazz made for a very comfortable ride.

Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss Wanderlust

The exhilaration of powering down the main straight, past the starting grid (donut marks still visible on track) and past the five starting lights was something else. A memory I will remember for a long time to come.


Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss Wanderlust


Of course I wasn’t satisfied and wanted more. Thanks some a whole lot of luck, I found myself in the front seat of the safety car, leading the pack around the circuit. Even better, the safety car driver was a former racer, who was happy to show me a couple of neat tricks on the corners – talk about getting your adrenaline racing.

What a wonderful day it was. Here I am, all smiles, after ticking something so massive off my bucket list!

Jazz Honda at BIC_Miss Wanderlust

Verdict on the all-new Honda Jazz: The car promises to give consumers the complete package – with beautiful exteriors, sleek interiors and best in class engine capability. A particular mention of the magic seats – which conveniently fold away on a whim – and the spacious interiors with ample amounts of leg room even for the rear passengers. My drive at Buddh would definitely rate it as a car to look out for.



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  • Aaditya

    Hi Miss Wanderlust! Great stuff! One question? How did you get the opportunity to attend the Jazz launch event and drive at the BIC. Was it some contest or something? If yes, I missed it big time. I’m a F1 enthusiast myself and this Jazz looks really classy.


    • http://www.miss-wanderlust.com Mithila Mehta

      Hi Aaditya,

      Honda chose bloggers from across the country, particularly those who blog on automobiles, technology and travel. And that’s how Miss Wanderlust got to go 🙂

      I am a major F1 enthusiast, and it was just so amazing to be back at the track. I got goosebumps just looking at the start finish straight, imagining Vettel doing his donuts back in ’13!

      Happy Travels,
      Miss Wanderlust

      PS – Do you have a blog I can check out?


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