Food at Weddings: What’s Trending?

A look at the latest, awesomest food trends internationally

What is the most important part of any wedding? Of course, the food! Guests will judge the quality of your wedding based simply on how much they enjoyed their meal. This makes is extremely important to have a delectable dining experience for your guests.

Here, we take a look at ten interesting wedding food trends from across the world which will take the boring dining experience to the next level!

1. Let’s do brunch:
Brunch parties are the flavour of the season, with outdoor day time weddings finding favour globally. A brunch party is effortlessly casual yet chic, letting guests feast on light cocktails (such as sangria) and breakfast-inspired finger foods such as mini waffles. Host it in a beautiful garden to have a setting that matches the mood!
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2. Serving fresh organic foods: Forget the oily, processed foods that we usually associate weddings with. Pamper your guests with light, fresh and organic food that leaves them feeling great! Farm fresh ingredients and fruits give a lovely raw and natural taste to the meal.

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3. Tucking into comfort foods: Interestingly enough, popular comfort foods are making their way into wedding celebrations—a move away from the stuffy, pretentious menus we have been seeing off late. Don’t be surprised to find juicy burgers (with crispy fries) or large tubs of gourmet ice cream on offer.

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4. Adding a personal touch:
Wedding food can tend to get really boring after a point. How about adding a personal touch to your wedding spread in your own little way? Whether it is ice cream sourced from the favorite ice cream shop of the newly-wed couple or pasta from the little Italian restaurant from where they had their first date, little touches go a long way.

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Miss Wanderlust_Wedding food trends

Miss Wanderlust_Wedding food trends

5. Rustic, family style foods:
Representative of food trends going back to a time when food was natural and not packaged—homemade and handmade—rustic, family style foods are delicious and pack in a very rich, authentic taste.

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6. The Great Gatsby inspired garden parties:
After the success of the movie The Great Gatsby set in the 1920s, garden parties inspired by the beautiful vintage and art-deco sets of the blockbuster have become very popular. Guests dress in the lovely vintage style, with pretty flowing dresses and tuxedo suits. Food inspired by the movie includes hors d’oeuvres, dainty tea sandwiches and champagne cocktails.

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7. Back to the roots: A shift from wedding meals where the focus was on serving exotic and unusual food from around the world, couples are now opting to go back to their roots. Menus which represent the authentic tastes and flavours from their communities and cultures are finding favour.

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8. Elaborate cakes as works of art:
Although wedding cakes were never traditionally part of the Indian weddings, they are an emerging trend at Indian weddings. Elaborate cakes—confectionery and bake craft masterpieces if you will—add a beautiful sweet touch to your celebrations!

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This piece was originally published in Femina Wedding Times.


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