In Conversation With Steve Madden

Miss Wanderlust meets the one and only Steve Madden

In the world of footwear, Steve Madden is second to none thanks to the fame of his eponymous brand, Steve Madden. With 185 stores across 55 countries,the brand is something of an icon. Miss Wanderlust caught up with Steve Madden for a quick chat about the future of shoes as he saw it.

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What is the new material going to be, given the fact that animal harvesting will get more stringent as a lobby? 
Steve Madden: As I see it, there may be a trend towards using vegan materials, but those materials have to be as sustainable as leather is in order for its use to be environmentally feasible.

And what will shapes of heels be like, especially with the health concerns around stilettos?
Steve Madden: Lower, and (sometimes) thicker heels are becoming more popular with our customers keeping in mind the health impact heels could have. That said, women are always going to wear stilettos because they love their leg lengthening quality, and the fact that they add height.


Have you considered designing shoes for women where they can wear stilettos and yet protect their backs?
SM: We always consider comfort in addition to style when designing shoes, so yes, we keep comfort in mind.
What kind of innovations do you see the industry making to help people get mobile faster?
SM: Interestingly enough, we have found that our customers love our sneakers. They’re comfortable, so people can get around easily and still be stylish, and on-trend.

What is the shoe style that will still prevail even 10 years from now?
SM: Truth be told, I think we will always sell either flats, heels, wedges or platforms. These are the basic foot wear styles are constantly being reinvented or recycled and re-vamped. They always look great – and simply never go out of style, yet evolve with the ages!


What makes brand Steve Madden unique in terms of design?
SM: We are always looking to stay ahead of the trends, and we do a good job of making women look and feel stylish at an inviting price. I take to the streets all over the world to see what people are wearing and that is where I usually find my inspiration. I also love listening to music; it never stops being hugely inspiring for me.
There is a growing fashion tribe interested in promoting ethical and sustainable fashion over fast fashion. What are your thoughts?
SM: We’re doing everything we can to protect the environment by really rethinking how our products are produced.

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