Keep Calm and Get Married!

Handy hints to beat the stress on your big day

Weddings are synonymous with stress – and with good reason. There are a million things to do, guests pouring in from all over the world, endless preparations and last minute shocks. Amid all this chaos, the bride and groom are expected to look their smiling bests – sounds impossible, right?

Wedding stress
The key is managing the stress so that it doesn’t get the better of you on the most important day of your life. Here are nine easy ways to do it (so you don’t look like the bride below on your big day)


1. Plan down to the details: Every event has an event flow with every minute detail scripted out – and that’s what you should do for your wedding as well. Both families should discuss the order of events, the ceremonies which will happen (especially if it is a multicultural wedding) and timings for each. This will ensure no last minute confusion about what’s going on

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2. Make checklists: You can’t remember everything. Make exhaustive checklists for every function, every day and leave nothing to chance. Set up reminders on your cellphone for crucial tasks.

3. Delegate tasks: It’s impossible for one person to manage everything. Delegate responsibilities to close family and friends. Managing transport, overlooking the food and drink, coordinating with the decorator – match roles to people’s natural areas of expertise. Explain their roles to them well in advance and let them take over without any further interference!


4. Keep your belongings well: A common stress point is the bride or groom losing things at their wedding functions – mobile phones are the biggest culprit! Whether it is a handbag, wallet, phone, shoes – resist from leaving your belongings strewn about. Instead, assign them to a close family member or don’t carry them at all.

5. Factor in a time buffer: A wedding that runs on time is a miracle – normally, some sort of delays always happen. Factor in time buffers to ensure that you are not scrambling at the last minute. If it is a destination wedding, ensure guests book their return flights accounting for this time buffer.

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6. Be prepared: Emergencies can happen at any time. While you can’t fight that truth, you can be ready to the best possible extent. Keep cash at hand, you never know what sudden expenses could crop up at the wedding. Also keep a well-equipped medical / first aid kit at the wedding venue.

7. Trial and error: Ensure you do a full-fledged outfit trial in the run-up to the wedding, especially if you have a tendency to fluctuate between sizes. Nothing is more stressful than a bridal blouse which refuses to close on the day of the wedding! Set aside every article, right from underwear to safety pins, so you don’t miss anything on the final day.


8. Beauty care: Never, ever get last minute facials or beauty treatments done. Your skin could react adversely and break out. Even waxing and threading should be done a few days in advance, to allow your skin time to settle. Have a full-fledged make-up trial to ensure that the products being used complement your skin.

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff: Irrespective of how prepared you are, things won’t always go as per plan. There will be last minute chaos, but keep calm. Remind yourself to not sweat the small stuff. Your wedding is the most special celebration of your life, so enjoy every moment!


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