Getting Lost in Udaipur’s Old City

Miss Wanderlust got lost in the tiny lanes of Udaipur’s old city – and cannot stop raving about her time there! Views from the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake Selfie moment...

Miss Wanderlust got lost in the tiny lanes of Udaipur’s old city – and cannot stop raving about her time there!



Views from the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake


Selfie moment at the City Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur’s old city is endlessly charming and engaging. Wander through its undulating lanes and find joy in the colour and chaos. It is full of surprises and unexpected sightings– you never quite know what you will spot around the next corner.


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Follow any path which catches your fancy – at best, you will find yourself land up at a beautiful vantage point over Lake Pichola, and at worst, you will find yourself hit a dead end.



There are countless cafes (favourite backpacker haunts) with each located in a heritage building (or a heritage looking building). Humour yourself by reading some of the signs outside the cafes – Step inside and you will find yourself in a cozy alcove, the aroma of hot coffee and warm bread wafting through.

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Real Coffee By Machine – what is un-real coffee anyway?

Some of these cafés (like Café Jheel) are located right on the fringes of the lake – and have back doors which literally open onto the water! Amusingly enough, everything is Lonely Planet certified (or claims to be).


Cafe at the City Palace – with an enviable view of Lake Pichola

While the main street (I use the word ‘main street’ fairly loosely here, they are barely one care wide) are buzzing with handicraft shops, cafes, tiny homestays and travel agents. There are temples scattered everywhere, walls are coloured with graffiti and local children play cricket in any space they can find.



Even as you may be distracted by all the activity around you, watch your step. If not, there are high chances that you may collide with a speeding scooter (I had a stray donkey run into me as I tried to take a photograph, much to the amusement of onlookers)



The tiny by-lanes which lead off the main street are less noisy but equally enthralling. You will find tiny homes lined up, with colourful doors and windows of tinted glass. Women sit on the front step of their homes, watching you shyly from under their sarees.


By-lanes lead into further by-lanes, with each getting progressively narrower until they are barely wide enough for a person to walk through– it is a massive and seemingly never-ending maze of sorts.

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View of the old city from the City Palace


Don’t forget to send home some postcards describing your adventures!


And that’s Miss Wanderlust grinning away after a terrific day of wandering and exploring!

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  • Chaicy Style A Pastiche

    Mithila, those are some lovely pictures you captured. I’m loving the cities juxtaposing street art. When I visited Udaipur I didn’t get to see much of the street art. You really captured Udaipur very well.

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    • Mithila Mehta

      Thank you so much for your kind words! 😀 I hope you get to visit again very soon and experience a slice of the old city :)) Happy wanderlust-ing!

  • Kunal Shah

    Dude(tte), where’s my postcard!!


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