Miss Wanderlust goes Hot Air Ballooning in Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Less scary than skydiving, but as much fun!

Not so long ago, Kunal and I went hot air ballooning in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. It was a fabulous experience, which I’ll never forget (check out the pictures below to know why).

Anyway, this brought me to the conclusion that

EVERYONE MUST GO HOT AIR BALLOONING at least once in their lives.


1. Insane, insane views of the skies at sunrise. And the sweeping landscape below. Just incredible. Check this out!

2. Low engagement adventure: Unlike say bungee jumping which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, hot air ballooning is not ‘scary’ or intimidating, but will give you a huge rush of adrenaline all the same. I’d say it was 100 times less challenging than sky diving, but as vivid an experience.

Jumping Out of A Plane At 12,000 feet: Miss Wanderlust Goes Skydiving

3. The unpredictability factor: Since the course, speed and direction of the hot air balloon is heavily influenced by the wind, there is no fixed route for the balloon. So you’re basically whimsically floating around in the sky!

Here’s what my hot air ballooning experience looked like, step by step!

Step 1: The hot air balloon is fired up

Step 2: Up and away into the sunrise!



Step 3: Daybreak reveals the stunning landscape below (and there’s finally enough light to take pictures!)

And a better chance to check out the mechanism the hot air balloon operates on
(The man in the background was our pilot, a very chatty guy with a fun sense of humour who flies hot air balloons full-time.)


Step 5: Landing was quite the saga – our pilot took nearly an hour to identify a suitable landing spot. On ground, cars followed our balloon to be able to fetch us once we landed.

We finally landed in a marshy field, surrounded by dozens of curious locals (some of who had parked their cars / bikes on the side of the road to watch our hot air balloon descend)

Step 6: Cheers, ‘cos you know,  why not!

Some of these photographs have been captured by Rajan Pal, who along with his lovely wife, was with Kunal & me in the hot
air balloon. He was very kind in sharing his photographs with us. Thank you 🙂


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