My Happiest Bull-Run Birthday

So, quick question: What is the perfect birthday gift for a girl who loves Formula 1? Well, Formula 1 of course! I celebrated my birthday last week (crossing over to the...
Red bull show run Hyderabad

So, quick question: What is the perfect birthday gift for a girl who loves Formula 1?

Well, Formula 1 of course!

I celebrated my birthday last week (crossing over to the ‘other’ side of the twenties) in the beautiful city of Hyderabad – with two beautiful, roaring Red Bull Racing F1 cars for company.

Red bull show run Hyderabad

While I would like to believe that they’d been flown down especially for my birthday, the truth is a wee bit different. Red Bull organized a show car run (known as the ‘RedBull F1 Showrun’) and took their F1 cars onto the streets of Hyderabad. At the wheel was none other than David Coulthard, an old racing favourite.

I tagged along to Hyderabad with the Inside Line F1 Podcast duo of Rishi and Kunal (making myself useful so they’d take not regret their decision). And what a time it was!

Highlight #1 – This beautiful car

Say hello the beautiful Red Bull Racing car from 2007 (with V8 engines).

Bonus: We got to hear the car fire up – thundering and roaring. For a F1 fan, it is the most beautiful sound in the world.

Highlight #2 – Hearing David Coulthard speak to the Inside Line F1 Podcast on why he never won a World Championship (like, seriously!)

David Coulthard was an absolute blast to chat with! He sportingly accepted the potshots made at him, and cracked some really good jokes too. Full marks to the man, on and off the track. Listen in and laugh along!


Highlight #3 – Exploring Hyderabad

We managed to sneak in some time to explore this beautiful city. I am obsessed with palaces, and so the magnificent Falaknuma Palace was a perfect visit! We also loved wandering through the Chowmahalla Palace, right after stuffing ourselves with plates full of steaming hot Hyderabadi biryani.

Highlight #4 – Lithanian stunt biker Aras Gibieza showing off his crazy tricks

He’s a two-time stunt biking world champion – and just blew the crowd away with his extreme skill!

Oh yes, don’t try this at home (you probably won’t be able to do it anyway).

Highlight #5 – DONUTS with Holi colours! An amazing sight – Watch this video to believe it.

The last time India saw a Red Bull Racing car do donuts, a world champion was crowned (Sebastian Vettel at the Indian Grand Prix, 2013)

This time, David Coulthard takes donuts to the next level. This is easily the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

And finally, here’s me having my mandatory fan girl moment at the sacred site where the donuts happened!

Red Bull Racing F1 showrun Hyderabad

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  • Kunal Shah

    This is super! You were absolutely a must-have for me and the Inside Line F1 Podcast during the Red Bull Showrun! 🙂 Lots of love! <3

    • Mithila Mehta

      Kun, Thank you so much 😀 Take me along EVERY time!

  • khushi


    painfully mediocre writing.

    • Mithila Mehta

      Oh, you’ll be surprised Khushi 🙂 Cheers!


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