Postcards from Galle, Sri Lanka

One of Miss Wanderlust's most favourite places ever

Just over two hours (120kms) from the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo lies Galle – a place that was the highlight of my time in Sri Lanka.

This quaint town boasts of some beautiful architecture from Sri Lanka’s time under the Portuguese and Dutch (it is a UNESCO world heritage site). Galle is a delightful little lanes hold many secrets and surprises, regaling you with their stories as you saunter by. There is so much character and history all around and you will never know what to expect around the next corner.

Dine in at any of the charming cafes, immerse yourself in the chatter of the local bazaar or send out a postcard from the lovely post office. Even better, enjoy a little Nothing Time with yourself. In the evening, place yourself on the sweeping promenade and enjoy a magnificent sunset.

You will love Galle, just like I did!

Here are some moments from my time in Galle:




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