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Look ultra chic even as you play sport thanks to these luxury offerings

Playing sport is one thing—but looking good while playing sport is entirely another. If you thought sport is all about being frumpy and messy while restricting yourself to plain functional clothing, think again. Matching appearances with sporting functionality, a host of our favourite brands have offerings aimed especially at those who love a good game.

Golf, best known as a hobby sport for corporate head honchos, lends itself effortlessly to high fashion. Think tennis, and classic style can never be far. Sailing, a luxury sport that is rapidly finding a footing in India, demands a look that is sophisticated yet sturdy enough to take on the high seas and high speed winds.

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What should you wear?

Dressing up for a game of golf? A collared golf shirt with either golf shorts or pants is ideal. Women could also opt for capris or skorts (skirts with shorts fitted beneath). On cold days, a knitted golf vest can be thrown on. Denim is a definite no-no. Designer Ralph Lauren makes great clothes especially to sport on the golf course. Look out for their vividly coloured golf polo tees, shorts and skorts for women in interesting patterns.

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Different dressing rules apply to tennis. While top sportswear brands make excellent attire for tennis, it was designer Coco Chanel who first changed the rules for women’s dressing in tennis in the early 20th century—freeing them from the frills, rustles and corsets to give them pleated, functional tennis dresses. Even today, Chanel continues to make fabulous yet functional tennis dresses—all bearing the familiar Chanel emblem. Ralph Lauren also has some great tennis attire—bright orange, electric yellow and hot pink being the colours of the season.

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For those heading out for a sail, Nautica has a wide array of attire especially for sailors—from sailing shorts to tank tops and fitted dresses, all in the typical blue sailor’s stripes. Designer Paul and Shark offers a wide range of yachting attire. The quilted navy jackets are ideal for extremely windy days on the boat.

Fight the sun, fashionably so

Irrespective which of these sport you are engaged in, protecting yourself from the harsh rays of the sun is critical. A pair of fabulous sunglasses will do exactly that—which adding requisite amounts of chic value. Pick one from Italian designer Giorgio Armani’s range of sunglasses from the Luxury Collection. Available in a range of designs and colours, they balance elegance with a more casual vibe, making them ideal for a sporting scenario. Louis Vuitton also makes large golf umbrellas (with leather handles!) to keep you snug through sun and rain.

Appropriate headgear is another must-have accessory. Keep the sun at bay with polo golf caps, visors and even the iconic white Wimbledon cap from Ralph Lauren. For sailors, the Paul and Shark yachting beanie is perfect to keep warm on the windy high seas. Don’t forget to slap on that sunscreen as you head outdoors—harsh sunrays can damage your skin tremendously. Avene’s SunSitive Protection Range is the perfect option for sensitive skin, offering great protection and water resistance.

Bags and beyond

The most beautiful and exclusive golf bags come from Louis Vuitton—bearing the monogram Louis Vuitton canvas. Truly something you’d love to show off on the course!

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For sailing, water resistant hand bags in vibrant pinks and oranges are also available as part of the Giorgio Armani collection. For truly waterproof bags, The Northface is your best bet—the seams of their rugged, heavy-duty bags are welded together using radio frequency, ensuring complete protection from water.


Don’t limit yourself in terms of what accessories you can sport. A beautiful scarf adds perfectly to your look on the golf course or the high seas. Opt for a textured Giorgio Armani scarf with a beautiful patterned design for an effortlessly classy look. For leisurely sails, designer flip flops offer maximum comfort and mobility while making a style statement of sorts.


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