The Case Of The Traveling Shorts

Shorts! Without a doubt, one of mankind’s greatest creations after peanut butter and Google search. Travelers swear by them – and it’s not hard to see why. Shorts are...
Miss Wanderlust Myntra shorts and skirts

Shorts! Without a doubt, one of mankind’s greatest creations after peanut butter and Google search. Travelers swear by them – and it’s not hard to see why.

Shorts are the most comfortable attire in the world. You know how they talk about comfort foods? Well, extend that same concept to dressing and shorts fit right in. Pick the right pair and they’ll fit you like a second skin. And hey, they get even more comfortable with every successive wash – like you needed any more incentive to wear them?

Miss Wanderlust Myntra shorts and skirts

Miss Wanderlust at Wayanad, Kerala in her favourite pair of shorts


For days when you’re in a Goa kind of mood (Read: all you want to do is lounge about, sipping beer by the beach) put on your trusted pair of shorts. The beach may be a long way off, but at least you’re dressed for the part.

Printed shorts can be fun and chic at the same time – a great way to get away wearing a pair of shorts in a situation which demands dressing up! Miss Wanderlust has a trusted pair of white floral printed shorts (if you know me well enough, you’ve probably seen me wearing it more than a few times). Another personal favourite is shorts with vintage prints. Old school is always my pick!


Miss Wanderlust Myntra shorts and skirts

 Favourite shorts, different city – Miss Wanderlust n Fort Kochi, Kerala


If you’re looking to buy a pair, Belle Fille has a super range of bright floral shorts. For those who love experimenting with pops of colour, The Vanca has a neat range of coloured shorts from bright purple to flaming orange. Fab Alley has an adorable pair of black shorts with white polka dots, which I have my eye on! For classic chic, ONLY has a terrific range of neutral coloured shorts, which look great when teamed with black or white tops.

A pair of classic dark coloured shorts is a wardrobe must-have. Tokyo Talkies is a great option if you’re looking for that elusive perfectly fitting pair of navy blue shorts. Travelers like me swear by them – whether you’re trekking through the hills or enjoying a day by the beach, you can’t go wrong with these shorts. Even better, the dark colour is forgiving in hiding dust and stains, side effects of any journey! On that note, denim shorts are a great bet too – sky high in durability (and the multiple pockets are always godsend).

Active shorts are great for those who work out or run. I recently bought myself a new pair (in honour of the newly acquired gym membership) but the shorts and the gym both have been pretty much untouched. Guess everything has its own time.

For those who prefer skirts to shorts (I was on that side of the fence not too long ago!) the design options are many. Full length maxi skirts are very elegant and very much in vogue, while pencil skirts are a chic option for office wear. Fun and colourful floral skirts add a dash of fun to your look. Flared skirts look adorable when teamed with a fitting top and can balance a top-heavy body type. Denim skirts look casual chic, while fusion skirts are super bet for those who want to experiment with their style. My personal favourite, however, are the charming pleated skirts.

Miss Wanderlust Myntra shorts and skirts


If you’d like to know more about the types of shorts and skirts, do check out the video below:


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    Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
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