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When I was given the opportunity to test the new Asus Zoom Smartphone, I leaped at the chance...

I am obsessed with taking photographs. Everywhere I go, every instant of the day – I am perpetually armed with a camera. A single glance at my hyperactive Instagram page will confirm this!

However, lugging about a massive DSLR while traveling is just not an option. It is heavy, inconvenient and attracts way too much attention. It usually just becomes a liability.

When I was given the opportunity to test the new Asus Zoom Smartphone, I leaped at the chance. The phone promised to be just what travelers like me had been praying for – as Asus puts it – the world’s thinnest 3X optical zoom smartphone with a 13 MP rear camera (the camera has total 12X Zoom, hence the name!). Combined with a 4 GB RAM, Intel PC level performance, this smartphone handles like a dream.


Putting the Asus Zoom to the test

I took the camera out for a few test runs (three cheers for smartphone photography) and was really pleased with the results. I’m no award winning photographer, but the photos have come out beautifully, don’t you think!?

Test 1: At dusk / sunsets

I am a big fan of shooting places at sunset, they just look so much more beautiful! For the second picture, I also used the ‘Depth of Field’ feature. I was quite impressed by the 10P HOYA Lens, it just made the photographer in me want to keep clicking till the light ran out on me!





Test 2: Street photography

I love taking photographs on the streets of my favorite city (Bombay) – and the Asus Zoom lent itself perfectly to this purpose as a pocket sized camera that shoots amazing photographs, irrespective of the lighting conditions.

4f29db1a-4bb2-44b5-b585-6cad32e5e852 (1)

IMG_20160210_174314 (1)


Test 3: Photographing on water

I often go sailing with my man (he is a trained sailor) and the views on water are just breathtaking. My handy Asus allowed me to perfectly capture the magic of sunset at sea – something which would be rather inconvenient with a bulky DSLR (Imagine trying to photograph with a DSLR with the lashing waves all around!) With 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and laser focus I was always sure of getting one perfect shot.




Test 4: The Mandatory Selfie

Yes, I love posing for the camera – and a good selfie camera is all important, more so from the perspective of solo travel. I love the Asus selfie camera (with only a minuscule amount of Beauty Filter added on)

P_20160208_132614_BF (1)


The Final Verdict: A camera that travel junkies will swear by, perfect for smartphone photography. It is packed with features, convenient to carry about, easy to use and makes beautiful pictures. Definitely one of the best camera phones I have ever used!

Here’s where you can buy the new Asus Zoom Smartphone


This post has been written in collaboration with Asus India


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