These Monochromatic Pictures of Europe Will Give You Some Serious Wanderlust!

When we say Serious Wanderlust, we absolutely mean it. Are you packing your bags already? (We are!)...

Oh, we’re packing our bags already as Gunjan Shah shares his favourite monochromatic captures from across Europe.

1. Berlin, Germany: Fernsehehturn – The iconic TV tower built by the Soviets in East Berlin.


 2. Berlin, Germany: The Brandenburger Gate, Berlin’s most symbolic monument. You just smell the history in the air when you are under it. Also Read: A Trip To Germany’s Delicious Black Forest Region

G23. Salzburg, Austria: A breath taking view from high above the roof tops of Salzburg, Austria. Love how the river flows through the centre of the city!

G34. Amsterdam, Netherlands: A view of Amsterdam’s beautiful main station.

G45. Berlin, Germany: Berlin’s famous Pariser Platz – one of Berlins most famous squares, which is a famous tourist attraction. Hotel Adlon – where many famous celebrities love staying when in town… you get to view the Brandenburger Gate from their front facing rooms.

G56. Prague, Czech Republic: Walking along the streets of the ancient city of Prague – cobble-stoned pathways and a view of the castle in the distance.


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A journalist, intrepid traveler and occasional doodler, I love wandering off the beaten path. Is it any wonder then that my favourite place in the world is the window seat of an airplane?
  • Louise Brady

    Love this!! Beautiful black and white photos. Take a look at my travelblog x

    • mithilamehta

      Thank you so much – and you have a lovely blog too :))

  • roamingpursuits

    Marvelous photos.

    • mithilamehta

      Thank you! All credit to the photographer, Gunjan Shah 🙂

  • Raymond

    You always have spectacular images!

    • mithilamehta

      Thank you Raymond 😀 All credit to the photographer!

  • StilStyle

    Your photos make me want to relive all of these cities. Truly amazing!

    • mithilamehta

      Thank you so much – you have a beautiful blog too 😀

      • StilStyle

        Thank you!

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