This Adorable 8-Year-Old Boy Will Definitely Inspire You To Travel!

It could well have been any other morning in Bangalore - but it wasn't.

It could well have been any other morning in Bangalore – I was hailing down an auto to take me to work.

An auto slowed down before me. I started to get in, but found a surprise waiting for me in the back seat:

Travel Inspiration


Dhanush, a tiny eight-year-old boy, sat huddled up in the corner. He greeted me with a shy grin and half wave. Curious, I waved back and settled in. We went on our way.

Turns out that little Dhanush loves to travel to new places—but his parents cannot really afford extensive travel. Hence, he has befriended all the auto drivers of his neighbourhood – And tags along with them on holidays.

Head sticking out of the auto, eyes wide with excitement, he soaks in the new places and faces – Enjoying every minute of the bumpy ride.

And that’s when it hit me: Travel isn’t about age or means – it’s about passion and inclination. If you really want to travel, you will find a way to make it happen, minus the excuses.

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Image courtesy: Rickshaw Run

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  • AnaLuciaSilva


    • mithilamehta

      Thank you so much – I was so touched by this little boy’s passion to travel!

  • Devanshi

    Beautiful!!! No age to travel and more importantly, absolutely no “age” to be passionate about something and cling to it…

    • mithilamehta

      YES! You summed it up perfectly…And there’s just so much to be inspired by! :))

  • Loki (Pavan)

    inspiring !! 🙂

    • mithilamehta

      Thank you! :)) I’m personally very inspired by this too!


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