Top 5 Hill Stations in India – Our Old Favourites!

India is a place of diversities in every aspect, and the climatic conditions are no exception. You may find the weather to be extremely unbearable in some parts of...
Darjeeling - Miss Wanderlust

India is a place of diversities in every aspect, and the climatic conditions are no exception. You may find the weather to be extremely unbearable in some parts of India during the summer (scorching heat of North India, I’m talking to you!) Yet, there are hilly regions which are very cool and refreshing all year through.

Hill stations - Miss Wanderlust

With summer holidays in full swing, take a big break from life and head to an old favourite holiday destination – a hill stations! These are probably trips you’ve taken with your family as a child, so the heavy dose of nostalgia is an added bonus.

Here, I have compiled a list of Top 5 summer holiday destinations in India – perfect tried and tested options if you are looking to move to a cooler place this summer.

Matheran - Miss Wanderlust

1. Shimla – An ultimate summer destination

The British got it right all those years ago – The best thing about Shimla’s climate is that it is neither too hot nor too cold. This is what makes it an ideal summer holiday destination. If you want to spend some of your vacation amidst the beautiful surroundings, in a serene atmosphere then Shimla is an excellent choice.


Shimla - Miss Wanderlust

Shimla - Miss Wanderlust


2. Manali – Explore the stunning beauty

Definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! Manali has abundant natural beauty which makes it appealing and inviting, irrespective of how many times over you visit. As a bonus, Manali is a gateway to beautiful Ladakh – drive on for a trip of a lifetime!

 Darjeeling - Miss

Darjeeling - Miss Wanderlust

3. Darjeeling- Nestled amid the hills

The arresting beauty and charm of this place will stay with you forever – long after you’ve packed your bags and gone back to your usual life. The exceptional beauty of Darjeeling lies in its association with Kanchenjunga – It is nestled among the rolling mountains and highest peaks with picturesque landscapes all around.

Darjeeling - Miss Wanderlust

Darjeeling - Miss Wanderlust

4. Mussoorie- Nothing less than a fairyland

I remember my mother visiting Mussoorie in her childhood and seeing snow for the first time – an experience that has stayed with her ever since. The magical hill station of Mussoorie falls in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Located on the foothills of the Great Himalayas, it is well known for its spectacular views of the Shivalik Ranges and the Doon Valley.

mussoorie - Miss Wanderlust

5. Nainital – City of Lakes

Without a doubt, one of the most serene places in India. There are around 60 lakes in and around Nainital, making it a beautiful place to visit. However, the Naini lake is most famous lake – encircled by hills from all sides, it lends its name to the beautiful hill station. For those looking for a magical getaway, Nainital and its less explored, hidden lakes provides a great romantic destination.

nainital - Miss Wanderlust

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