Vodka Shots on the F1 Podium?

Shots, shots, shots everybody - and out with the champagne!

We think that F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone should introduce vodka shots on the podium in 2016. After all, World Champion Lewis Hamilton loves his vodka. Besides, this might be the only way to motivate the tired Kimi Raikkonen to race to the podium – and don’t we all want to see Kimi on the podium again?

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In this video episode of The Inside Line, Mithila and Kunal tell you how Fernando Alonso unknowingly shot the perfect beer commercial (anyone remember his deck chair moment?). We also talk about how the focus on rival categories (vodka and beer, in this case) has taken the fizz out of the celebratory champagne.

Lastly, we tell you the REAL reason why Formula 1 had to introduce grid boys instead of grid girls.

Tune in!

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