Why Everyone In Mumbai Should Go Sailing (Atleast Once)!

If you live in Mumbai and have not been sailing, shame on you! Read on to know why....

Lucky me – I’ve had the opportunity to go sailing with Kunal and Aquasail several times, and really enjoyed myself so much! I wonder why people living in Mumbai don’t go sailing. It’s such a refreshing, inspiring experience – and believe me, you will be hooked after your first sail!

1. For magnificent views of the sky that look like this (the picture doesn’t quite do justice!)

2. Because South Mumbai looks most glorious at sunset! (Read: 10 Awesome Things To Do In South Mumbai)

3. Going out sailing is a great, fun way to spend the way and break out of your boring routine!

4. Being out at sea with only the beautiful colours of the sky for company – how romantic is that?! (Read: A Peak Into 5 Super Exclusive Private Islands)

5. Learn the ropes of sailing, literally. How’s that for a super interesting skill to have?

6. And then there are views like this which just take your breath away…

7. And it’s always cool to spot a historic lighthouse standing tall in the distance!

8. The bobbing blue optimist class boats always make for a pretty sight

9. And it’s even better if you have an awesome sailing instructor like Kunal! (Lucky me!)

10. Put up the scarlet red spinnaker sail and go soaring through the high seas! Nitro boost, anyone?

11. Yep, go home feeling super charged and on-so-inspired. Thank you, sailing!

It’s going to be some time before I graduate from being a casual sailor furiously clicking pictures of the sunset to someone who is actually useful to have on board, but hey, I’ll get there! In the meanwhile, if you’d like to experience the joy of sailing as well, do give a shout out to the super folks at Aquasail.

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