Your Pick: Window Seat or Aisle Seat?

Miss Wanderlust analyses what the seat you pick says about the person you are.

Miss Wanderlust says:

There are two types of people in the world:

(a) Window Seat People

(b) Aisle People

(c) Middle Seat People – To be honest, there are no middle seat people. Just people who were too lazy to web check-in.

So what’s in a seat? Plenty!

Window or Aisle?


The seat you pick says a lot about the person you are.

Aisle Seat People are the practical, no-nonsense folks. The ones who value flexibility and functionality. The ones who who love being self dependent. Also the most likely to work on flights or put their flying time to effective (read: productive) use. Likely to be wearing blazers, formal shoes and carrying fuss-free cabin luggage.

Miss Wanderlust


Window Seat People are the dreamers. The ones happiest in their own little world, nose pressed against the glass outside. The curious ones, The wide-eyed ones.The idealists. The ones who see shapes in clouds and marvel at the colours of every single sunset.

Miss Wanderlust

Of course, Miss Wanderlust is a window seat person (was there ever any doubt?) and here a heartfelt ode to what I like to call my ‘favourite place in the world!’

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Miss Wanderlust - Window or Aisle

Of course – Sometimes, a window person lands up in an aisle seat and then the scene looks something like this 🙂

So tell us, what type of person are you?


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A journalist, intrepid traveler and occasional doodler, I love wandering off the beaten path. Is it any wonder then that my favourite place in the world is the window seat of an airplane?


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