You know you live in Mumbai when…

1. You love sitting on the parapet at Marine Drive, admiring the skyline of Mumbai – at sunset, or late at night when coffee shops and clubs have closed.  ...
local-train-mumbai_Miss Wanderlust

1. You love sitting on the parapet at Marine Drive, admiring the skyline of Mumbai – at sunset, or late at night when coffee shops and clubs have closed.

Marine Drive Mumbai_Miss Wanderlust


2. The most used (and abused) part of your car is the horn

3. Despite the countless fine dine restaurants around, Vada pav and piping hot cutting chai are the hands-down favourites. Read: 6 Spectacular Restaurants Every Food Lover Must Visit

Vada pav_Mumbai_Miss Wanderlust


4. You firmly believe that World War 3 will be fought over parking. Read: Five Things To Do In Bombay (Before It’s Too Late)

5. Amitabh Bachchan’s house is a landmark.

6. You have been guilty of buying fake jerseys and unbranded denims from Colaba Causeway, the city’s most popular street side shopping destination.

Colaba Causeway_Mumbai_Miss Wanderlust

7. You are perpetually cribbing about the weather (and how hot it is). Read: India’s Best Offbeat Beaches: Shh, keep the secret!

8. You have mastered the skill of survival and fitting into as little place as possible after riding on the Mumbai local trains.

local-train-mumbai_Miss Wanderlust

National Geographic

9. As a child, you have played street cricket in your building compound and everyone fought to bat (usually the big kids won). If you were really serious about the sport, you spent mornings practicing at Shivaji Park.

10. Winter means it is 28 degrees – and you actually bring out your sweater and gloves.

galli cricket_Mumbai_Miss Wanderlust

11. You consider the little patch of moss and weed outside your building as a ‘garden.’

12. The only thing you follow as closely as the IPL matches is the stock market.

Stock exchange_Miss Wanderlust_Mumbai


13. Every now and then, you spot a Bollywood star. And you love boasting about it to friends in other cities.

14. You are emotionally attached to the sea. Read: Why Everyone In Mumbai Should Go Sailing (Atleast Once)!

Miss Wanderlust Marine Drive


15. You secretly read Page 3 of the Bombay Times with great interest and then publically trash it.

16. Sachin Tendulkar. Enough said.

Sachin Tendulkar Miss Wanderlust Mumbai

17. During cricket season, all the roads are blocked – because people in the streets are looking at television screens in shop display windows.

18. The neighbourhood chaatwala is a legend. If he ran for local elections, he would win hands down.

pani_puri Miss Wanderlust Mumbai

19. You know at least one person who falls into each of the following groups: big shot share broker, diamond merchant, struggling actress and aspiring cricketer.

20. THIS IS SPARTAAA: Dadar station at peak hour.

Mumbai Miss Wanderlust


21. Everyone speaks a peculiar language known as ‘Bambaiyya’ –which is essentially Hindi mixed up with Marathi, Gujarati, English and loads of slang. For example, ‘dimaagi ki dahi’ means that something is causing you unnecessary mental stress.

Mumbai Miss Wanderlust

Rebecca Weeks

22. Everything is classified into East and West, unless specified otherwise.

23. The beautiful Bandra Worli Sea Link makes you incredibly proud. Proof: The countless pictures you have taken of it on your phone!

Mumbai Sea Link Miss Wanderlust

24. You find it difficult to live in any other city of India – the pace is just too slow.

25. Mondegar, Leopold, Gokul, Janata, Bay View – Some of your happiest memories have been at these iconic watering holes. (Read: 10 Awesome Things To Do In South Mumbai)

Mondegar Miss Wanderlust Mumbai

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