Planning the Perfect Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Weddings are so beautiful and unusual! Why not plan one of your own?


The dream-like mist in the air, a light drizzle, a giant rainbow that arches overhead – the monsoons are the most lovely time of the year, packing in beautiful weather and a hopelessly romantic feeling—we  simply love it! Traditionally, most ‘good dates’ for weddings don’t fall in the monsoon season. However, for a couple who wants to do things differently, a monsoon wedding is just perfect.

Monsoon Wedding

Why Monsoon Weddings are awesome…

Monsoon weddings are unconventional, away from the madness of the winter wedding season (so your guests will be most relaxed). Even better, there is no issue getting marriage venues for your preferred dates while decorators and caterers will offer you an off-season discount. Does it get any better?

Here are some awesome ideas to help you plan a perfect monsoon wedding!

1. Hill station getaway: Destination weddings are the flavour of the season, but most limit themselves to the beaches of Goa and the palaces of Rajasthan. Make the most of the weather to take your guests away to a lovely hill station! Stay at a nice resort. The lush green landscape will make for a great backdrop for your wedding – and guests will love the break from city life.

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LonavalaHill station of Lonavla, Maharashtra via

2. Venue wise: Ensure that the venue is completely covered and waterproof. A large, colourful gazebo-like tent is a great idea to give the illusion of the outdoors while keeping guests snug! Avoid lawns (the mud creates havoc at weddings). Ensure that guests are escorted under large umbrellas from their cars to the wedding site.

Venue in the Monsoons

3. Dance the night away:
Ditch the traditional sangeet (which has been done to death) for something far more fun – a rain dance party with monsoon themed songs to go. Guests will not stop dancing, we are sure.

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4. Dressing tips: The key lies in looking elegant and chic without too much fuss. With an eye to the weather, it is not practical to opt for velvet, thick silk, heavy brocade or full embroidery work. Instead, opt for outfits which are light and breezy – crepe brocade, chiffon, net, Georgette and lace are your best options.

Avoid outfits which trail on the ground, as most venues invariably become mucky in the rains. Pastel colours are a good idea but be extremely careful about donning the colour white. Similarly with make-up, opt for light yet effective waterproof make-up.

Miss Wanderlust loves the wedding dress + gum boots look!


5. Food fresh: It’s important to closely plan the menu at a monsoon wedding, given the questions which would no doubt arise over hygiene. Opt for dishes which are warm – for example, a hot vegetable bake over a cold pasta salad or hot gulab jamuns over ice cream. To ensure freshness of food, we place as many live counters as possible dishing out hot food.

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And here are some delicious rain-themed cupcakes. Mmmm!

Cloud cupcakes

6, Decorations: It’s important to remember that flowers are not the best idea during the monsoons as they attract insects. Instead, opt for twinkling fairy lights, candles and a dreamy netted fabric for monsoon weddings. This perfectly complements the misty, romantic mood of the season. Pastel shades with pops of bright colour thrown in are a great idea. You could also consider monsoon-inspired wedding decorations – such as ornate umbrellas embellished with lights and hung from the ceiling, rainbow coloured gazebos and delicate crystals hanging down like raindrops.

nature photography circuit running jogging track 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_11
Some fun props also add a cute touch (even if it doesn’t actually rain)

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